Armenian Activists NOW! Interview with Robert Davidian

1. “Armenian Activists NOW! Birth of a Movement”

Produced by Davidian Video Productions and many dedicated Armenian activists, this 41 minute documentary shows the birth of activism and the social issues it aims to change in Armenia, as told by the activists themselves (in English with Armenian subtitles). Hours of interviews and street actions with Armenia’s few dedicated activists were filmed in the summer of 2011. Armenians are tech enabled, energetic and ready to act for democracy. Receiving added encouragement and inspiration by viewing current activists in this film, will create much-needed future activists! Today more and more activists are making a difference in Armenian society. The time is right for Armenian Activists Now!

2. “Armenian Activists NOW! March to Democracy” is a 4.5 minute introduction to a new documentary that will be produced soon and will show Armenia’s continuing drive towards true democracy during and after the 2013 presidential election. FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS, RULE OF LAW, AND CIVIL DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY… All coming to Armenia soon!